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A Post Election Observation – 2012

In Uncategorized on December 6, 2012 at 10:22 pm

I wrote this in the days after the election when I realized my daughter was 4 years away from her first vote.

My daughter is now 14. Her first chance to vote will be in November, 2016.

She has, with every idiotic, borderline racist, and misogynistic comment that has been put forth by various and sundry Repubs, become staunchly Democratic. That’s right, GOP, you have managed, almost 4 years out, to secure a Democratic vote in every race she can cast a ballot, to ensure she will be voting for anybody that is *not* a Republican. Way to go!

Better still, she is not the only one they alienated. Many young women that had ever so slight conservative leanings have been repulsed by what some have described as “creepy old men.” And given Republican demographics, a goodly number of their older voters will have passed on through the heavenly vestibule. Yep, in appealing to the basest of the base, the Repubs may have enabled their own decline.

Note: For the record, I am a Centrist at heart. I vote for people, not parties, but lately votes tend to be for Democratic type people.


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