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A little man

In poem, poetry on December 14, 2011 at 11:47 am

A little man sat on the lawn,
sat staring back at me.
I asked him, this little man,
why do you look at me?

He cocked his head
and looked me in the eye.
I look at you in askance, dear,
and wonder why you are.

I’ve never seen your likes before,
perhaps may ne’er again.
I cannot discern a purpose
nor see a reason why
a creature such as you exists,
perhaps you don’t at all!

Look here, I said,
‘tis you that shouldn’t be!
There you sit upon the stead
And question who I am.

I am, I think, therefore I am
There is a logic there
But you, thou little wretch, can never be,
so question me no more!

Silently he gazed at me
while time passed slowly by
yet, soon enough he answered
the charges I had plied.

I am precisely who I am,
I think therefore I am.
I live my life in fullness,
the same as any man.

But you question your existence
You wonder who you are.
So full of doubt, I wonder,
if you live your life at all!

See here, I cried,
and sought to scold this fool,
yet when I looked upon the lawn
I saw he wasn’t there.

And so I sat upon the lawn
in silence and with dread,
perhaps the little man was right.
And in reflection wonder,

am I here at all?


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