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An Autumn Day

In life, writing on October 30, 2011 at 1:51 pm

The keyboard stares back at me, begging me to caress it with my fingers. The blank page before me calls out to be filled. The afternoon is quiet and the silence fills my soul.

And though my mind is bursting with ideas, yearning to be put in print, I sit in silence wondering where to begin.

There are moments when I long to be a simple soul, to have but one path before me. To have but one idea, to have one goal in life, to see the world in simple terms, and to accept with joy a quiet life, fulfilled in God’s own time.

But I am not a simple soul and many paths before me lie. Not one nor two nor even three, but choices upon choices that leave me wondering… have I chosen wisely? Have I picked the right one? Is this the path for me?

I long for quiet assurance. I ask myself, where am I going? In this life, what will I give back?

And so I sit in silence on the peaceful autumn day.

My keyboard staring back at me, blank page before me lies.


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