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An Autumn Day

In life, writing on October 30, 2011 at 1:51 pm

The keyboard stares back at me, begging me to caress it with my fingers. The blank page before me calls out to be filled. The afternoon is quiet and the silence fills my soul.

And though my mind is bursting with ideas, yearning to be put in print, I sit in silence wondering where to begin.

There are moments when I long to be a simple soul, to have but one path before me. To have but one idea, to have one goal in life, to see the world in simple terms, and to accept with joy a quiet life, fulfilled in God’s own time.

But I am not a simple soul and many paths before me lie. Not one nor two nor even three, but choices upon choices that leave me wondering… have I chosen wisely? Have I picked the right one? Is this the path for me?

I long for quiet assurance. I ask myself, where am I going? In this life, what will I give back?

And so I sit in silence on the peaceful autumn day.

My keyboard staring back at me, blank page before me lies.



In life, poem, poetry, procrastination, writing on October 27, 2011 at 12:49 pm
Where to start?

Where to end?

What path do I take?

What is the plot?

But am I talking my book?

Or am I speaking of life?

Writing, as usual, is complicated.

Shall I ponder it further…

… or shall I just eat lunch?

Autumnal Drift

In life, poem, poetry on October 25, 2011 at 11:47 am


The stray bits of the day drift by,
cast adrift in the autumn breeze.
I shake my head and focus.
Yet the question remains…
What next?



In change, inevitabiliy, life, love, memories, time on October 18, 2011 at 1:39 am


There are moments in the world and life when the universe changes. Moments when everything you thought you knew and everything that you thought was important shifts irrevocably.

The birth of my daughter was just such a moment.

My life, up to that point, was placid and comfortable. I was pretty sure I was reasonably happy. I suppose I was.

And then came the birth of my daughter.

My life prior to she who entered my life seemed to stretch forever. There was no rush, there was no haste, simply time to fill with all the activities we think are important when the focus is only on ourselves.

And then my little girl arrived.

Since that singular moment in time, my life seems compressed. It seems like only yesterday I was changing diapers without end. I can’t seem to buy shoes fast enough to fit her feet. I live my life at breakneck speed racing to keep up with the girl that changed my life the moment she was born.

First one word, then two, and now sentences and questions that seem to have no end come from those lips that only yesterday came into my life.

Since then, 13 years have roared past and just when I thought I could handle it all, just when I thought I’d made peace with the speed that she was growing, my life changed again.

As I stood in the parish hall, I turned to look for my little girl… and did not find her.

Instead, my universe changed.

My life, once again, shifted irrevocably.

For instead of my little girl I saw a young woman.

And, once again, nothing will ever be the same.